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Xbox 360 Faceplates for Function and Appearance

The Xbox 360 Faceplates have been used by gamers to improve the appearance of their consoles. A lot of modified faceplates can be found in the market. Different designs are available for consumers. The designs commonly used include pictures of game characters, athletes, cartoons and other famous figures. This would make the appearance of the Xbox more attractive and appealing. The faceplates can be easily changed and removed. It can be detached by releasing a lock located at the top of the Xbox.

A lot of modifications have been done to the custom Xbox 360 Faceplates sold in game stores. A faceplate with flashing lights has been released recently. This product is very amusing and interesting. Alternating colors can be programmed to appear.

The faceplate equipped with a small LCD screen is the most expensive model in the market. The screen can be used to show the playing time, date and other relevant information. People can also use it to show different pictures and images.

People can also request manufacturers to produce personalized faceplates. Consumers can use their personal photos and images as the main design in the faceplates. This is a very unique way to design the product. Faceplates with metallic, glossy and shiny surfaces are also available.

The faceplates are important for protecting and securing the console. The frontal part of the device houses sensitive electronic parts including video cards and memory chips. That is why the Xbox 360 Faceplates have been made using strong and sturdy materials. Instead of using plastic, manufacturers have utilized fiber glass and stainless steel. The materials would prevent damage to the internal parts.



Personalized interface: Xbox360 lets you create your own unique system and experience. With different interchangeable Xbox 360 Faces, it's easy and fun to change the appearance of your console. Switch on your system and customize the look and feel of the Xbox Gamer Guide and Xbox System Guide with unique "skins." From sleek and sophisticated to fun and funky, pick the Faces and skins that show your personality.

Just released HALO 3 faceplate for XBOX 360. Special edition HALO 3 face-plate.

xbox 360 halo 3 faceplate

It has been rumored for a long time that the Xbox360 will feature customizable faceplates similar to those found in recent cell phones. These rumors were backed up with some convincing evidence when, speaking to MCV, Allard made an allusion that the next-generation Xbox would come in various forms:

"We have ways. We have ideas. Look at cell phones. You can have snap-on faceplates, you can change the skin and the batteries, and you can change the ringtones. I think we need to have a global foundation, and then personalize within region." Buy Xbox 360 Faceplate

Still, there's been talk for a while of customisable faceplates for the 360 and an image gleaned from OurColony.net seems to offer the first glimpse of that. The 360's power button is shown surrounded by different designs - will this be limited to the area around the button, or will it apply to the whole unit?

But there's more! We've also got hold of an image of a USB-to-Xbox 360 controller cable - if you line up the jack to the socket on the bottom of the controller you'll see they match. This could mean a couple of things: the Xbox 360 controller will be compatible with PCs; and the Xbox 360 controller will indeed be wireless, with the power source receiving its charge from a USB connection to the console itself.

Now, a new image released by the Gamem8ker at OurColony.net offers another hint about the possibility of Xbox 360’s ability to incorporate custom faceplates.

The picture shows five Xbox360 power buttons surrounded by different themes. Interestingly, five rings are usually used to symbolize the continents, like the five rings of the Olympic Games. (Although there is no standard definition for the number of continents).

The first time I saw this new image, I immediately thought about my cell phone, the Sony Ericsson Z600, which has removable covers for you to change the look of the phone. All this definitely backs up the rumor of customizable faceplates for the Xbox360.

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