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Personalized X360's interface:

Unlike any console before, Xbox 360 puts gamers at the center and gives you the freedom to personalize your gaming experience however you see fit. Xbox 360 Faces make it easy and fun to change the face of your console. Change your Faces whenever you like to match your personality, your mood, or your wild side. So flip it, switch it, or leave it be, and express your unique sense of style.

Xbox.com UK has launched a survey for gamers around the world to vote for their favorites faceplates. You can enter the survey by visiting this address.

Right now we're at the prototype stage, which is where you come in. Faceplates are all about getting the look you want - vote now to tell us which design you’d like to see in store.

buy xbox 360 faceplates

Limited-edition XBox 360 fascias given out at the XBox 360 launch and E3 have ended up on eBay, with some fetching over £200:

limided edition

Microsoft handed out exclusive, limited edition Xbox 360 faceplates to all the attendees. Only 5000 of these units were made worldwide, and each is numbered on the packaging. if you plan to manufacture these things getting your hand on one of them now make sure you can have lots of different colours and designs ready to ship when the 360 finally arrives.

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